Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloud 13

This year is proving to be an amazing year! My brother is finally moving out after 6 years (he finally graduated and was offered a job on the day of his graduation). This means he won't eat all the food anymore and I'll actually be able to find something to eat!

We're getting another foreign exchange student come August; Kana Takeuchi from Japan. She gets Adam's old room which means we share the basement together :] It's going to be a good time.

Smaller things that are making me year:
-My sister is having another baby in August, so I'll have a 4th niece or nephew
-I get to go to Colorado to hike for a week :D
-I'M A SENIOR!! In a year I'll be graduating and will finally be able to pursue subjects that I am actually interested in (literature, English education, Japanese)
-I might study abroad in China next summer

I have so many things to do before Japan... And there are only 16 days left! The pressure isn't hitting me yet, but it'll come soon! My main objective is getting my host family presents. But, you know, it would help A LOT if I actually knew who my host family was...

Either way, (quoted from my brother after finding out about his job offer) "I'm way past cloud 9, I'm on cloud 13".

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